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Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Meet with me from the comfort of your own home…or anywhere you feel comfortable speaking with me! Sessions are held via a HIPAA-compliant video chat.

PCOS + Intuitive Eating Program

A 12-week holistic approach to transform your PCOS without dieting.

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Nourish with Intuition Online Course

Learn how to tune into your innate body wisdom through the principles of the self-care eating framework intuitive eating. This 8-module course helps you repair your relationship with food. Option to add on discounted sessions! 

Hi there!

I’m Amy, a registered dietitian nutritionist. My passion is helping others find their path to wellness through nutrition. The fun part is… this looks different for everyone!

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Client Testimonials

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Amy! She personalized our meetings and I felt extremely comfortable speaking about my own personal experiences with food. She gave me so much insight and knowledge on not only intuitive eating but on living with PCOS as well. I highly recommend anyone looking into a nutritionist to work with Amy.

- Past Client

Amy’s guidance has truly changed my life. My relationship with food has improved for the better, and I’m learning to appreciate my body for how it is. My digestive issues are getting better too. 
- Past Client

I have dieted my whole life and finally reached a point where my metabolism had shut down – it got to be impossible to lose weight unless I was eating less than [X – number removed due to potential trigger] calories a day. I felt ashamed, guilty, not worthy of love, and useless. Most health care professionals would not believe me and I had even been told that my only physical problems were due to my weight. Thanks to Amy Lorraine Nutrition, and a wonderful PCP that I finally found, for introducing me to Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. I feel like a different person. It is amazing to be able to eat what I want when I am hungry, to know when I have reached my fullness level and not feeling the need to keep eating past that fullness level is so satisfying. To see food as something to enjoy, and to appreciate as opposed to using food as a crutch for any emotions has given me a new life. I appreciate my PCP and Amy so very much for treating me like someone who is worthy to live and not make me feel like a failure in life. I highly recommend anyone having food issues contact Amy Lorraine Nutrition.

- Past Client

[Amy] provided extremely helpful reading material and “homework” that allowed me to understand how diet culture had warped my relationship with food, body image, and movement. Our sessions were productive and Amy posed excellent questions which allowed me to see connections between my habits and beliefs about food and health and the harm they were doing to my overall health. Amy also provided practical advice on how to reshape my habits and routines so that I can have a healthier and less obsessive relationship with food and exercise. She is an excellent listener and follows up on concerns with practical advice and resources. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and am grateful to have found her!

- Past Client

I absolutely would recommend Amy Camenisch with Amy Lorraine Nutrition. I feel that I’m listened to. Amy’s knowledge and suggestions have improved my diet and health tremendously. I feel better than I have in years.
- Past Client

Amy has a great wealth of knowledge but also the common sense to help you make lifestyle changes that are truly sustainable. I greatly appreciate her help, her explanations, and her suggestions!!

- Past Client

Amy was very kind and helpful while working through some complicated health challenges with me. She was very patient & understanding and her guidance was useful, straightforward and made a big difference!

- Past Client

Working with Amy and the LEAP plan, saved the quality of my life. I have experienced 4 attacks of acute diverticulitis. Since testing, knowing my trigger foods, and following my diet, I have not had a diverticular flare in over a year.
- Past Client

The MRT testing and nutritional advice has helped me overcome stomach issues I’ve dealt with my entire life. I can now eat without fear because I know what foods I react negatively to. So thankful!
- Past Client

Amy Lorraine Nutrition is fantastic and helped me with my gastrointestinal issues that many doctors could not.
- Past Client

Amy Lorraine helped me to sort through dietary challenges after having an FMT due to contracting CDiff. Her systematic approach and advice which included measurable steps were helpful in discovering patterns and benefits of eating/not eating certain foods and food groups. Sessions with her were encouraging and helpful.
- Past Client

Intuitive Eating: The Basics

Intuitive Eating: The Basics

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