Nourish With Intuition

Imagine feeling FREE around food. Feeling confident about your body. Understanding what you need and when you need it. Never counting another calorie, macro, or fat gram ever again.

The principles of intuitive eating have helped so many people achieve this… and they can help you too!

Join registered dietitians Amy Camenisch and Megan Medrano for an 8-module online course and support group to learn how to trust your body’s cues, free your mind from obsessive thoughts about food, and truly nourish yourself.

Nourish With Intuition

An 8-Module E-Course on

Intuitive Eating + Body Acceptance

You don’t have to go it alone! Navigating the world of nutrition information can be daunting. This group will teach you the basics of intuitive eating, along with giving you the tools and strategies to implement them into your own life. 

Course Price: $199*

*option to add on additional 1:1 sessions with Megan or Amy for a discounted price! See below for details.





What's Included

– 5+ hours of educational videos from Megan and Amy to help you learn about the diet vs non-diet mentalities, honor your body’s natural cues, cultivate greater body respect, and become a more intuitive eater

– Hard Copy Intuitive Eating Workbook by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole shipped to your home (USA only) – included in registration price ($20 value)!

– Exclusive membership in our Nourish community for ongoing support, answers to your questions, and conversation with other group members

– Downloadable journal with worksheets to help you better understand your personal relationship with food

– Optional sessions with Amy or Megan for personalized guidance and support and answers to all of your individual questions (additional cost) 

Add on individual 1:1 sessions with Megan or Amy alongside the course! You will be able to schedule these sessions after signing up for the course above.

Package 1: Four 55-minute sessions


Package 2: One 55-minute session + Three 30-minute check-in’s



Module 1: Intuitive Eating vs. The Diet Mentality

Riding the Diet Ferris Wheel is exhausting. You get excited about starting a new diet and think maybe this will finally solve everything. It’s hard, but you muscle through it. But it’s frustrating when you’re around others who don’t have to follow your same food rules. Maybe you rely on your “willpower” and still eat your safe foods. Or maybe you give yourself a “cheat day”… cue the guilt! “Why couldn’t I be stronger? I need to try harder!” You’re going around again! Recognizing that this cycle isn’t serving you is the first step.

Module 2: Removing the Barriers to Body Attunement

Most of us don’t realize how many diet rules we have internalized from diet culture! When certain foods are “bad” or off-limits, their value increases. This can lead to feeling out of control around certain foods (anyone feel like they’re addicted to sugar?). Making peace with food means recognizing that food is morally neutral. Giving yourself full permission to eat all foods can feel scary, which is why we are there to help. We want to help you learn how to challenge that nagging judgmental voice in your head that criticizes every food decision. We’ll talk about how to reframe your mindset so you can transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk, gratitude, and self-compassion.

Module 3: Cultivating Attunement - Hunger

Many diets teach you to “trick” your body out of hunger by drinking or eating high volume, low calorie foods. Others recommend only eating an arbitrary number of calories or portion size, with no connection to how your body really feels. While intentions may be good, any method of eating that forces you to rely on external cues, rather than your own body’s wisdom, is setting you up for disaster! We help you discover and honor your own unique internal hunger signals as a way to treat your body with respect

Module 4: Cultivating Attunement - Fullness + Satisfaction

 This module, you’ll start to connect with the nuances of your physical sensations of fullness. Do you also ever find yourself seeking out more food even after you’ve eaten your “normal” meal? You may be physically filling your stomach, but that is not the same thing as feeling satisfied after a meal! Many chronic dieters feel like they can’t control themselves around food, simply because they’re never fully satisfied. We will explore what types of foods and eating environments you individually find most pleasurable. You’ll take a hard look at what might be stealing some of your satisfaction, and therefore making you crave more food in order to feel content.

Module 5: Emotional Eating + Emotional "Not-Eating"

Time to dive deep! You’ll start to identify how underlying feelings may affect what, when, and how you eat. Many of us use food as a coping mechanism, and while it’s not a sin to eat emotionally (that’s life!), making it your ONLY coping mechanism makes it really difficult to ever find joy in food. You’ll strengthen your self-care strategies and coping mechanisms so you can address what you REALLY need in stressful or emotional situations. 

Module 6: Body Respect

Our culture sure does a good job of making us feel like our bodies are not good enough. Part of becoming an intuitive eater means treating your body with kindness and dignity. Diets that are started with the sole purpose of manipulating your weight take you out of your body and lead to disaster for most people. This week you’ll spend time practicing gratitude for your body and learning how to stop the comparison game. We’ll also review Health At Every principles to help provide some context for why many of us struggle with body image issues in the first place.

Module 7: True Wellness - Life-Giving Movement

Here we will help you shift from an exercise prescription model to a more internally driven guide to movement. Your body is smarter than you may think – it will tell you when, how much, and what type of movement it wants! You’ll explore mindful activity and break through some barriers you may have surrounding exercise.

Module 8: True Wellness - Redefining Nourishment

Once you’ve laid the groundwork with the previous 7 modules, you’ll be fully prepared to figure out what role nutrition plays in your life. Now that you view all foods as emotionally equivalent, you can freely pick and choose based on what sounds good to you, satisfies you, energizes you, and affirms your unique self-care practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this group is right for me?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by nutrition information?
  • Are you curious about intuitive eating?
  • Do you feel lost without a meal plan?
  • Are you tired of rigid prescriptions of how to eat?
  • Does the number on the scale determine your self-worth?
  • If you answered yes to any of these, this group is right for you! We welcome all people at different stages of their intuitive eating journey – whether you have been working on it for awhile, or this information is brand new!
What will be discussed in each video?

Each module contains 1-3 lessons, where we will dive deep into various Intuitive Eating, as outlined above. During the video, Amy or Megan will explain the principle, how it may relate to you, how it may manifest in your life, and how to implement changes into your own life. You will have lifetime access to the videos.

What if I need more individualized support?

Megan and Amy both offer individual one-on-one support as you are completing the course. While the course provides a ton of great info without individual sessions, we highly recommend checking in with one of us alongside the course to help you truly solidify these habits into your life! See above for package details.

How much is the course?

The regular cost of the course is $199, which includes the Intuitive Eating Workbook shipped straight to your door! We purposely wanted to make this course super accessible so that no one is held back from learning how to intuitively nourish themselves. If you would like more individualized support alongside the course, see above for package details.

How long do I have to complete this course?

Based on past participant feedback, we purposely created this course to be available 24/7 for as long as the internet exists 🙂 You are free to complete the material in whatever length of time makes most sense for you to fully absorb and apply the information.  We recommend completing the course with 3-4 months for most effective integration, but there is no completion date necessary.

Can I pay a discounted price if I already have the workbook?
If you already have the book, please contact us. We will provide you with a discount off the total cost of the group!
What is the deadline to sign up?

There is no deadline! After signing up for the course, you should receive your workbook within 7-14 business days. At that point, you may dive right into the material!

What are past participants saying?
“Participating in course activities helped me develop better attunement to my body’s hunger and satiety signals, resulting in a sense of freedom around food.” -Participant, Winter 2018

“The research cited in the course empowered me to identify false messages about dieting that I believed in the past and continue to bombard me on social media.” -Participant, Winter 2018

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Meet Amy

Amy Camenisch, MS, RD, LD, CLT is the owner of Amy Lorraine Nutrition, LLC, and sees clients virtually and at her Lexington, KY, office. She works with people who are ready to kiss dieting goodbye and want support as they learn how to trust themselves and their bodies around food. She has a background in integrative and functional nutrition and uses a holistic approach when working with clients who have IBS or PCOS.

Meet Megan

Megan Medrano, RD, LD, is a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist based out of Lexington, KY. She offers both in-person and virtual nutrition counseling and coaching for those looking to heal their relationship with food, exercise, and body image. She specializes in working with athletes with eating disorders through a HAES approach.