Nutrition Therapy

Commit to a new level of wellness


Intuitive Eating

Let’s sort through your relationship with food and help you tune into your body’s signals regarding nutrition

Digestive Issues

Diagnosed with a gastrointestinal condition? Get the tools you need to avoid those pesky symptoms.

Women's Health

Nourish and support your body’s incredible reproductive system in a holistic way.

No-Nonsense Nutrition

Get the answers to your nutrition questions about anything from basic nutrition guidelines to the latest diet crazes

My Approach

I practice in accordance with the non-diet Health At Every Size (HAES) approach to nutrition therapy. This technique has shown to result in potential improvement of blood pressure, cholesterol, cortisol levels and other biomarkers as well as improved dietary quality and reduced body dissatisfaction.

I do not provide weight-loss counseling. You can improve your health without restrictive dieting tools! In therapy my goal is to encourage and enable healthy behaviors…and weight is not a behavior.

The only time I recommend specific eating plans is for certain medical conditions.

What to Expect:

Discussion of evidence-based nutrition therapy recommendations for health diagnoses and concerns you'd like to address

Treatment with dignity and respect

Psychological support and encouragement

What NOT to Expect:

Nutrition therapy for weight loss

Calorie limit recommendations

Using intuitive eating to pursue weight loss


Use of BMI as a health indicator

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