It’s time for What-I-Ate Wednesday! I want to give you a little peek into my life and what I eat. I’m going to be real. I’m going to break the “food rules.” I’m going to show you where I’m at on my own journey to eating mindfully and intuitively. I’m going to talk you through how I balance my schedule with a healthy lifestyle…and hopefully this will give you some insights into how you can do this too! I don’t have a set routine for what or how much I eat. I really try to listen to what MY BODY is telling me every day. And every day it’s different! Hunger levels depend on what I ate the day before, how early/late I ate supper the night before, how active I’ve been, how stressed I am, how well-rested I am, if I’m fighting off an illness, etc. It’s slowly starting to become automatic for me to think…ok how hungry am I, why am I that level of hunger, and what does my body NEED. I love using the hunger scale with myself and clients and will be referencing it in this post. For now, just know that 0=almost passing out from hunger and 10=Thanksgiving Day. Most people feel best between 3 and 6.
6am: I always start with a glass of water and mug of coffee (or two or three…). (Come on, gimme a break. Of course there’s no picture. I’m not thinking about taking a picture of my coffee at 6am!) While I’m drinking my coffee, I start to gauge my hunger. I’ve got a morning full of sessions for my part time gig as a corporate wellness health coach and the first one starts at 7:30! Today I’m not feeling hungry right away (4-5 on hunger scale) so I pack a few snacks in my bag and hit the road.
7am: Everbar! By the time I got to work, my stomach was growling and I was about 3 on the hunger scale. I try not to eat at my desk/while multitasking, but in these situations I savor at least the first and last bite mindfully. I love trying new products so I can report back to my clients on how they taste and ALSO so I don’t get bored with my food. I love to change it up. This was the first time I’d tried an Everbar and I am very much looking forward to trying more flavors. I found it surprisingly filling for a bar…that’s the power of hemp seeds! 12g protein. 12g fat. 6g fiber. Only 11g sugar. After eating this, I was up to a 6 on the hunger scale and feeling good to go!
10:30am: Snacktime By this time my stomach was growling again (back down to about a 3). But for a bar to last me 3 1/2 hours was pretty impressive to me! I had a break between clients so I broke out a snack. I carry this nut case with me everywhere. 🙂 A clementine and palmful of nuts was just what I needed to get me up to a 5 and carry on until lunch.
12:30pm: Unconventional Spaghetti After my sessions I headed home for lunch. I had some whole wheat spaghetti leftovers so I mixed it with half a can of tuna and heated it up. (I may have lost about half of you there but hey…I liked it. I’m a tuna fan.) I also munched on some veggies and hummus! I started around a 2.5/3 on the hunger scale and ended around 6.
4:00pm: Teatime!  Often when I’m working from home in the afternoons I like to have something interesting to sip on and turn to tea or carbonated water with a little bite of something tasty. Today I broke into Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Cookie Thins. The perfect thing for dipping into hot tea!
6:15pm: Black Bean Cakes, Basmati Rice Pilaf, Salad with Avocado Leftovers for the win!! I had made this the night before and annnnytime I’m cooking I try to make extra to have leftovers. I mean…if I’m going to the trouble of cooking I might as well benefit from it for more than one meal, am I right? (Ryan, my hubby, is sweet enough to ask before getting seconds, “Wait…is there going to be enough left for  your lunch?”) 🙂 As an aside, I used this salad dressing by Marie’s that is just so tasty! It isn’t made with corn syrup like so many other salad dressings out there. Before taking a break for dinner I had decided to do a Fitness Blender workout video as well as my yoga video for the day on my 30-Day Yoga Journey with Yoga with Adriene, so by the time I ate I was about 2.5 on the hunger scale. I felt satisfied once I was at about 6.5/7.
8:15pm: Banana and PB Since Ryan was out for the evening I was using the time to work late on a blog post. I felt my mental clarity slipping a bit and knew I would likely need to eat again before bed. Even though I was at a 4 on the hunger scale, I decided to go ahead and have a snack so I could benefit from the energy boost while I was working.
And there you have it! Honestly, this was a medium-low hunger day for me, which is a bit unusual. However, I was sitting most of the day and didn’t get my workout in until the late afternoon, which is likely part of why my appetite was so much higher in the evening. Ta-ta for now!