Your First 30 Days of Intuitive Eating (and the IEat Club!)

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If you want to finally learn how to listen to your body and create a life where you can enjoy the moment without counting calories or macros…

…then you’re in the right spot!


Hi, I’m Amy…

…creator of Your First 30 Days of Intuitive Eating, an online course with bite-sized modules guiding you step-by-step to becoming an intuitive eater, and the IEat Club, an online community for regular folks at all stages of their intuitive eating journey!

Whether you’re feeling totally out of control with your eating or tired but stuck in all of your food restrictions, you’re in the right spot.

It’s not your fault that you feel disconnected from your body. It’s not your fault that you haven’t been able to keep the weight off. Diet culture has given you the wrong answer! In fact, kudos to you for taking a stand for yourself and searching out a better solution than just trying another diet!

I believe that the better solution is intuitive eating. Realizing that diet culture was destroying my ability to enjoy life pushed me to investigate this different way of approaching food. 

Intuitive eating is a self-care eating framework that rejects the diet mentality. As I slowly stopped weighing myself and counting calories, I was scared…mostly of gaining weight! But what I started to learn was that our focus on weight has actually caused more harm than good by way of weight cycling, weight stigma, and disordered eating. The pursuit of weight loss can wreak havoc on a person’s physical AND mental health!

I began to see that there is a different way of eating besides “watching what I ate” or “eating everything and anything.” The journey of eating intuitively taught me to speak compassionately to myself, to give myself space to explore what aspects of food and nutrition were truly important to me, and to RELAX around food so I could finally enjoy it without being stuck in the black hole of counting calories, justifying splurges, and planning compensatory workouts.

Learning about intuitive eating completely transformed the way I view food and my body and I’ve seen it do the same for many clients. My team and I work with folks in 1:1 nutrition therapy to help them heal their relationship with food and their body…

…and now I’m bringing you the core of what we do in a more accessible format!

In the course, you’ll get 33+ modules that are all 5-10 minutes long, walking you through how to become an intuitive eater step-by-step (see below for a list of the module topics!). With the membership, you get access to a monthly intuitive eating workshop as well as an office hours session where you can log on to chat with me and my team and literally ask about anything you’re struggling with on your food peace journey. You’ll also get support and encouragement from other folks just like you! The course and membership can be bundled together or purchased separately depending on what you need. Keep reading for tips on how to decide!

If you’re ready to repair your relationship with food and your body…then keep on reading! I’m so glad you’re here.

What if you could trust your body and feel good about how you eat WITHOUT worrying about your weight all the time?

Guess what…you can! Yes, you!!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re frustrated: You’ve tried every diet in the book…Whole30, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Keto, Intermittent fasting…you name it! But your weight won’t budge. Or you initially lose and then it all comes back and more. You feel like there’s GOT to be a different way to approach food besides dieting and focusing on weight.

  • You’re confused: Why is it that it seems like some people can eat whatever they want without gaining a pound? You’ve wondered if something about your body is broken.

  • You’re feeling ashamed: Your doctor has told you to lose weight and at every appointment you dread stepping on that scale. You’ve considered skipping check-ups.

  • You’re exhausted: It feels like no matter how hard you try, you just keep “falling off the wagon.”


If this is you, then I now want you to take a moment and imagine…

  • Feeling free to eat whatever you want whenever you want without it turning into a never-ending binge fest

  • Being so in tune with your body’s needs that you feel comfortable before and after eating

  • Finishing a delicious meal and thinking, “Wow, that was delicious” then moving on with your day instead of worrying about whether that food is going to show up on the scale

What if I told you that you can have all of this by shifting out of the diet mentality and restoring your ability to eat intuitively?

I designed the online course Your First 30 Days of Intuitive Eating and the membership IEat Club to help you do just that! Read on for details!



 A step-by-step guide to becoming an intuitive eater


You want to live life without worrying about your weight every time you eat.

-You’ve been trying to figure out intuitive eating on your own and are completely confused

-You’re totally new to the idea of intuitive eating

-You’ve been practicing intuitive eating for a while but you want an easy-to-consume refresher

If you answered yes to any of the above, the online course is a right choice for you!


    • 33+ modules all 5-10 minutes in length walking you step by step into food freedom (list of topics below)
    • 15+ worksheets making it simple to apply what you’re learning in your daily life
    • Lifetime Access to current content and all updates!


    1. The Introduction

    2. So What is Intuitive Eating Really?

    3. The Diet Dilemma

    4. My Body Is Cool

    5. Time for a “Cleanse”

    6. Help! I Have No Idea How I Should Be Eating!

    7. Let’s Break the Rules

    8. I’m Hearing Voices: Food Police or Nutrition Allies?

    9. It Just Don’t Mean A Thing If You Ain’t Got…Self-Compassion

    10. Help! I Think I’m Addicted to Food!

    11. What Your Hunger Is Telling You (And What to Do If It’s Disappeared)

    12. I Want to Eat But I’m Not Hungry…Now What?

    13. Yoga for Eating: The Mindful Eating Practice

    14. But When Am I Supposed to Stop Eating?

    15. You’re Telling Me I Can Eat Anything…But I Don’t Know What to Eat

    16. Am I an Emotional Eater?

    17. Will I Lose Weight By Eating Intuitively?

    18. Help! I Stepped on the Scale and Now I’m Spiraling!

    19. Body Respect, Neutrality, and Positivity…Oh My!

    20. Help! I Really, Really Don’t Like My Body!

    21. What If I’ve Been Told I’m Unhealthy At This Weight?

    22. So, What Is Healthy Eating?

    23. What About Carbs?

    24. What About Fat?

    25. What About Protein?

    26. Help! I Hate Meal Planning…But I Need a Plan!

    27. What About Exercise?

    28. How to Explain Intuitive Eating to Your Aunt/Dad/Friend/Coworker/Doctor (And Deal with Unpleasant Social Encounters)

    29. Help! I Really Want to Try Another Diet!

    30. Your Intuitive Eating Journey


    -Help! What If I Have a Food Allergy?

    -Help! What If I Have IBS?

    -Help! What If I Have PCOS?

    -More to come! You’ll automatically have access to any modules added in the future.



     A community for folks at all stages of their intuitive eating journey 


    You’re tired of feeling like you’re the only person you know trying to reject diet culture

    -You want to be able to ask questions and get real-time support while working through the online course

    -You want access to an intuitive eating dietitian but can’t afford 1:1 nutrition therapy right now

    -You’ve worked with an intuitive eating dietitian in the past and want to stay fresh

    If you answered yes to any of the above, the membership is a right choice for you!


      • Monthly Intuitive Eating Workshops
      • Monthly Office Hours (log on to ask questions or submit in advance)
      • All sessions recorded in case you can’t attend live
      • Guest Speakers likely to appear!
      • The chance to hear about others’ intuitive eating journeys and share your own
      • Ability to remain anonymous if desired
      • Access to all content while membership maintained, including recorded sessions from before you joined!


      “Amy’s guidance has truly changed my life. My relationship with food has improved for the better, and I’m learning to appreciate my body for how it is.”

      “Thanks to Amy Lorraine Nutrition introducing me to intuitive eating and Health At Every Size, I feel like a different person. It is amazing to be able to eat what I want when I am hungry, to know when I have reached my fullness level and not feeling the need to keep eating past that fullness level is so satisfying. To see food as something to enjoy, and to appreciate as opposed to using food as a crutch for any emotions has given me a new life. “

      “Amy Lorraine Nutrition is fantastic.”

      “I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Amy!”

      (View all testimonials)

      It’s time to stop wasting time and money on diets and finally discover a long-term solution to transforming the way you approach food.


      A yearly value of over $3150 for as low as $297!!

      Join the yearly membership to get everything listed below:


      Monthly Intuitive Eating Workshops (with Amy, her team, and expert guest speakers!)

      Hear from me, my team, and expert guest speakers as we share our own personal intuitive eating journey then hone in on one aspect of intuitive eating…like how to know if you’re eating enough/too much, how to handle medical diagnoses and weight fluctuations, what changes during pregnancy, and more! We’ll block out an hour for these video calls and plan to leave at least 20 minutes for Q&A. You can remain anonymous to other members when you log on to these calls if you wish. All sessions will be recorded.

      Monthly Office Hours (with Amy and her team!)

      Log on to these video calls to get answers to all your burning questions and get personalized advice! You’ll have the option to remain anonymous to the other members, but if you wish, you can share bits of your story and listen to others as well. Remember, if you’re struggling with something, then someone else is too! If you can’t log on during live office hours, you can submit a questions in advance and we will answer it on the call. All sessions will be recorded.

      30 Bite-Sized Video Modules

      After registering, you’ll be enrolled in Your First 30 Days of Intuitive Eating. Every day for 30 days, a new module will be released will be released to guide you step-by-step through repairing your relationship with food and your body. All modules are ~5-10 minutes long. You get lifetime access to all content.


      3+ BONUS Video Modules

      Immediate access to bonus modules about how intuitive eating works with food allergies, IBS, and PCOS. More bonus modules to come…register now to get access to all future updates!


      15+ Downloadable Worksheets

      Each worksheet is paired with one of the video modules to help you implement what you learned in your daily life.

      Private Community Access

      Access to the community means you can ask questions, share struggles, and get encouragement from other people who are all working towards the same goal of healing their relationship with food and their bodies. You can think of the group chat within our secure site like a facebook group, but not on facebook…because you don’t have to register for anything else besides the membership to get access!


      – You want to become an intuitive eater!

      – You want to live life without worrying about your weight every time you eat.

      – You love the idea of sorting through your relationship with food and your body so you can shift from a diet mentality to trusting yourself around food.

      -You want to be able to eat whatever you want whenever you want without it turning into a never-ending binge fest

      -You want to be so in tune with your body’s needs that you feel comfortable before and after eating



      • You have an active eating disorder. Feel free to reach out for 1:1 therapy and we’d be happy to work with you or refer you to the type of service that would serve you best. If you’re currently in recovery, check with your team about whether now is a good time to approach the intuitive eating principles.

      • You’re looking for personalized guidance with a medical condition. Unfortunately, unless you are one of our 1:1 clients, we cannot provide individualized medical recommendations. We can only provide generalized advice regarding medical conditions in the course and membership. Feel free to check out our 1:1 therapy here.

      • You are not ok with not trying to lose weight…even as an experiment. It’s ok if you still feel the desire to lose weight! But it is extremely difficult to give intuitive eating a real try while actively trying to lose weight. This means being willing to at least temporarily give up calorie/macro/point counting and weighing yourself.

      • You’re not willing to spend some time on transformation. You’ll be spending time watching the modules, experimenting with body attunement activities, self-reflecting, and participating in the monthly workshops and office hours as much as desired. You can go at your own pace, but we recommend spending at least 1 hour/week on the content to get the most of it.

      • You want a lot of 1:1 time and personalized guidance. If this is you, I’d strongly encourage you to consider 1:1 nutrition therapy. Our clients get access to the IEat Club while working with us. Apply for 1:1 therapy here.


        How is this different from other intuitive eating programs?

        We heard it loud and clear from our clients and and social media followers…there isn’t a good step-by-step guide to intuitive eating…so we created this! The format of Your First 30 Days of Intuitive Eating walks you through what to do each step of the way as you begin your food peace journey. With each module you have something new to process and reflect on, along with action steps to practice with your meals and snacks that day. 

        But we also know (and we know you probably know) that intuitive eating is not a quick fix. It’s not a transformation that can be done in 30 days. So we established the IEat Club to provide that ongoing support as you continue beyond the first 30 days.

        Last thing, this works well even if you aren’t new to intuitive eating. If you feel like you’re alone on your food peace journey or if you just want a refresher without having to reread a book, this is for you!

        Do I have to complete the course in 30 days?

        No! You get lifetime access to the content.

        Also, this is not a 30-day diet. You don’t have to watch the modules 30 days in a row to see a transformation in your relationship with food. In fact, trying to commit to watching them every day for 30 days may not be the best route for you. We talk more about how to determine that in the first module but just know that you can take it at your own pace.

        How do I know I won't just gain a bunch of weight?

        We can’t predict what will happen to your weight with intuitive eating. For some, part of the healing process is weight restoration. For others, healing their relationship with food results in weight loss. And for some, they simply maintain. The intuitive eating process is a lot different than any other program you’ve likely encountered – it is not centered around weight loss as measures of success. Diet culture leads us to believe that if we just exert enough willpower, we can control our weight. But as you’ll learn in the course, it’s not really about willpower. Our bodies fight to stay within a set point range.

        It can be problematic to equate what your weight does with successful intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is designed to heal one’s relationship with food and work towards behavior change – regardless of what happens on the scale.

        According to the research, intuitive eating results in less food preoccupation, lower rates of disordered and emotional eating, reduced stress, higher levels of self-esteem, and better body image – independent of what happens with weight. It has also been shown that intuitive eaters have improved lab markers and metabolism. Instead of focusing on weight, intuitive eating has you tune into your internal wisdom to guide your behaviors. Because it is behavior change that influences our health, not the number on the scale. 

        Can I cancel or get a refund?

        You can cancel at anytime! There are no refunds.

        Do I need to have a Facebook account?

        Nope! You can think of the group chat within our secure site like a facebook group, but it’s not on facebook. You don’t have to register for anything else besides the membership to get access to our private community!

        I have another question.

        Just reach out! Send an email to and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

        Let’s do this!!

        Get access to over $3150 of support and guidance each year for as low as $267!